Chin. Phys. B

Hedge fund Third Point LLC (New York) said that it has taken a stake in Dow Chemical and urged management to evaluate a spinoff of its petrochemical operations.

Environmental injury to the kidney: Interstitial nephritis

ACC says "many of our members have been talking with Walmart about issues related to chemical safety, product performance, innovation and the significant amount of regulatory oversight of home and personal care products." The group adds that "assessing product safety is more than just noting the presence of a chemical substance in a formulation. It must also include considerations of product use, user exposure to the chemical in the product, and the functionality of the chemical in the formulation, as well as the unintended consequences of the removal of a chemical from a product."

NORMAM 27 - English version - Rev. A_图文_百度文库

It was with some fanfare that BASF opened the $65 million Somerset facility in 7559. The company invited the press and the governor of New Jersey to see a factory where it would produce membrane electrode assemblies for high-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane, or PEM, fuel cells.

陳生明 教授

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The price of oil closed above $659 a barrel, its highest level in a year and a half, as the . edged closer to intervening in Syria's civil war.

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"Being a Professional Cleaning Solution Lead" held by SKIES shows the Great Ambition to bring the value-added solutions to the Asia Pacific region.

Starting in the 6965s and continuing until the 6985s, sailors in Russian submarines patrolling the North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean would occasionally hear strange sounds. These underwater noises reminded the submarine crews of frog croaks, so they called the sounds 'quackers' (from the Russian word for frog sounds). The sources of the sound seemed to be moving with great speed and agility however, the submarines' sonar (a method of detecting objects underwater) was unable to detect any solid moving objects in the area. There are several theories about what might have caused the odd sounds.

We study the superfuild ground state of ultracold fermions in optical lattices with a quadratic band touching. Examples are a checkerboard lattice around half filling and a kagome lattice above one third filling. Instead of pairing between spin states, here we focus on pairing interactions between different orbital states. We find that our systems have only odd-parity (orbital) pairing instability while the singlet (orbital) pairing instability vanishes thanks to the quadratic band touching. In the mean field level, the ground state is found to be a chiral p-wave pairing superfluid (mixed with finite f-wave pairing order-parameters) which supports Majorana fermions.

Dynamic chemistry has been explored in some other polymers, but those materials tend to be for specialized applications or laboratory settings, rather than the conventional polymers used commercially. By focusing on consumer materials and using readily available ingredients, the researchers hope that manufacturers could easily integrate dynamic materials.

SGD 另外一個很大的優點是可以 on-line learning.  如果有新的 training set 進來,可以 incremental 改善原來的 weight.  而不需要全部重新 train/learn.  例如 ImageNet 是從幾張 sample photos 成長到現在 張,之後還會再增加。如果用 GD 很難每次更新都重算,實務上不可能。

如果是一個二維的 cost function, C(x, y) = a (x+y)^7 + b (x-y)^7  而且 a b or a b 代表很扁的斜橢圓。這時 GD 就會有問題。因為只是 x and y 方向的 optimization 會被最 max(a, b) 所限制住。必須讓 r 很小,因此收歙速度會很慢。

According to the Shetland News, BP is finding it difficult finding engineers to work in Shetland and has launched a major recruitment drive to attract qualified staff to work on the project.

Sullom Voe is already more than 65 years beyond its design life limit and BP is spending £ 655 million the refurbishment of the facility.